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Cabo Missions For Christ
Cabo Missions For Christ
Cabo missions spoke with a Christian lawyer today who is willing to work with us, she advised us to join as many families together and bring them to her so we can perhaps all get a better price from the owners of the land. This is not going to be easy, but there are many families in the community who will be evicted and if we can help even a few it will be worth it. Please pray for us all for wisdom and guidance and favor. We are meeting with Pastor Luis tomorrow to see what we can do.

The following was posted by Pastor Luis who runs the Comedor(feeding center for those in need) in Cactus. Their Comedor is also facing eviction unless these funds are obtained.
The owners are entitled now to use the public force to kick the people out to the streets.
YET! They gave a chance for those that pays this weekend a big amount as down payment, they could keep their properties and start a financial plan to pay the cost.
Ours are two lots, each one cost 15k aprox and is a down payment of 3,000 aprox the amount we need to keep everything as it is. We don’t have it. We know who we are trusting but: PRAY MORE FOR THE FAMILIES WHO DOESNT HAVE ENOUGH MONEY TO STAY. PRAY FOR GOD TOUCH THE HEARTS OF FHE OWNERS. But pray please!
Please pray, because in this surreal Mexico, things like this happen. And maybe, just maybe, there is somebody among us who is being called to help, or hear God calling to call somebody to join or feels that can do something about it... I don’t know, and for all of you that knows me well, must know that we face our struggles in faith, and we always win but only because God is in it. Pray and if you feel called to: help!
Cabo Missions For Christ
Cabo Missions For Christ
Cabo Missions for Christ family, please be in prayer for this Colonia we serve in. The Colonia is called Cactus and we have a few families we serve that live in it, including our beloved Abuelo. The entire community is "invasion", which means everyone living there is basically squatting, and this Colonia has been that way for 14 years.

The rightful owners of the land have stepped forward to claim the land and have gotten judicial support to evict everyone on the land, they are going to be starting the eviction, according to the judge, on November 7th. The judgement allows for police, marine, and navy help to evict everyone.

The government has not given the people who live here an option of where to go, so basically the entire community will be homeless.

We need prayers for wisdom on how to help the families who live here, also we could use help from a lawyer to see if these families have any options. Keep us in your prayers!

The following is what is being publicized (but in Spanish of course)


Cabo San Lucas.- It will be on November 7 when the order of the judge of first instance with headquarters in San José del Cabo is executed, and the eviction of the A-9 property, in the Lagunitas neighborhood, is carried out.

The property is better known as the Cactus invasion, an invasion that was orchestrated by the then social leaders Mario Cabello and Alejandro Moreno Berry.

Several years ago, these subjects benefited from the need of the people and decided to invade the property owned by the Sánchez Ritchie family.

For a long time, these leaders made juicy profits at the expense of the need of those who occupied a piece of land.

On more than one occasion, local governments would have given relocation options, the most recent being in the administration of Antonio Agúndez, where it was possible to relocate the neighbors in the colony today known as Leonardo Gastélum.

However, by not putting a check on the invasion, people who settled there continued to arrive.

Today, for the second time this year, they are in uncertainty, because as will be remembered, a couple of months ago the word of an eviction would have spread, making people riot at the entrances of the invasion and prevent the passage of vehicles.

A unit of the Municipal Police arrived at the place, in the company of the family lawyer, who sought to dialogue with the people who stayed there.

Today, the scenario is different, since the trial judge of the criminal branch based in San José del Cabo has requested the use of public force to carry out the restitution proceeding of the A-9 property, with cadastral code 402- 006-001.

For this act, the Municipal Public Security authorities, the State Public Security Secretariat, the Ministerial Police and the Ministry of the Navy have been linked as auxiliaries.

Everything seems to indicate that a satisfactory negotiation or agreement was not reached with the residents of the Cactus invasion, so the eviction sentence will have to be executed.
Cabo Missions For Christ
Cabo Missions For Christ
Here are some of the families at Comedor Alpha y Omega that were blessed yesterday with the groceries God provided to them through Cabo Missions and our supporters.

It is so awesome to see how God is using these connections we have established to be able to serve more and more people and share God's love with them.

Cabo Missions For Christ
Cabo Missions For Christ
Comedor/Church Alpha y Omega, who we work closely with, is currently housing a few families who lost their homes in the rain storms the last few days. Pastor Paty contacted us yesterday asking for some help with groceries, and as awesome as our God is...He blessed us with some funds to be able to provide them with some groceries to help keep the families fed for awhile.

If anyone would like to help keep these families fed while rebuilding their lives, they would greatly appreciate the help!

This comedor is also still available for sponsorship. Can you sponsor one day a month and help feed 50-80 kids???

God is so good, and we know there is more to come with this amazing Comedor and Church.

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