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Sponsoring a family is a personal way to show God’s love to a family in need.  For just a few of dollars a day, you will help change that families life. This page is going to constantly be updated with new families that we have made contact with who have been verified to qualify for our sponsorship program.

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Name – Azucena                        Number of children – 1

We would like you to meet Azucena and her 1 month old baby boy Jorge Antonio. Azucena Is 17 years old, and is living with her parents and siblings in this one room shack, and praise God she is now FULLY SPONSORED . Azucena reached out to us for help because she is having a hard time producing milk to keep her baby fed, she was asking us to help with formula for her baby boy.

After a full evaluation of them, we found the following:
The father is the only one able to work, and he drives a concrete truck making 3000 pesos(around $140) every 15 days.

There is a total of 7 people living there.

Juan Antonio Is her father’s name, Erica is her mother’s name, and her three younger siblings live there, their names are Eddy Antonio, he is 4 years old, Vanely Jazmin is 6 years old, and Abigail who is 11 years old.

All of the children go to school, but don’t have school shoes.

We feel this family would be a great candidate for a Sponsorship, one specifically for the baby and formula and health care, and the other for groceries or help with bills. Right now their water has been turned off due to non-payment. They owe roughly 700 pesos(about $37) to get it turned back on.

Would you consider helping this family with a Monthly Sponsorship of $100?

Name – Santiago                        Number of children – 6

We would like for you to meet Santiago, he is the father of 6 children, and praise God he is now FULLY SPONSORED. Santiago was brought to us through work projects God had us hire him to do. We were told by multiple people over the last 2 months that his situation was pretty bad. You see, he has 6 children(we originally thought it was 5) and his wife left him 3 years ago for another man(something that is very common here in Cabo). We knew God placed him in our lives so that we could share Christ’s love with him. We knew he was a prime candidate for our sponsorship program as he normally makes only 1,500 pesos a week($75), but we hadn’t been able to make it to his house for a story….meanwhile about a month or so ago, Ralph Etter and his wife Mary reached out to us and asked about sponsoring a family. We knew God was placing Ralph and Mary in our path to sponsor Santiago. So when Ralph and Mary told us they were coming into town, we knew it was time for them to meet Santiago and get the full story right along with us.

We took Santiago from our house build site and he showed us his home and shared all sorts of information with us.

Praise God for this Sponsorship! Please keep Santiago and his 6 children in your prayers as we continue to show them Christ’s love.

Santiago’s children names and ages are as follows:
Alejandra – 13 years old
Donato – 11 years old
Paula – 10 years old
César – 9 years old
Daniel – 8 years old
Esmeralda – 6 years old

Name – Arely Nava                         Number of children – 5

Arely anai Nava Is 31 years old, the mother of 5 children, and FULLY SPONSORED, her and her boyfriend rent this house you will see in the video. They only make 3000 pesos a week($150). They have to pay 7000 pesos a month to live in the house including utilities. That leaves them with $250 a month to feed their entire family.

Her boyfriend Daniel Hernández is 42 years old and is a construction worker. Emanuel is 13 years old, Gael is 12 years old, Aaron is 10 years old, Itzel is 8 years old, and Mauricio is 5 years old.

We are adding this family to our Sponsorship program as available immediately. They are having a hard time keeping up with the cost of feeding their entire family.

Can you help with a $50-100  a month Sponsorship?

Name – Abuelo

Abuelo is currently FULLY SPONSORED, PRAISE GOD!

We would like you to meet Abuelo, he Is 86 years old. You may remember his face from back in September. We were introduced to him through Cielo, and when we met him he was living underneath a tree on his property and had lost everything to tropical storm Lidia.

Abuelo is a super hard working man, he has completely rebuilt his little wood home with a tin roof, poured a cement floor, and even built his own bathroom and septic tank! He works with his grand-daughter sometimes, but really doesn’t have an income and relies on friends and family to take care of him.

Abuelo is one of the happiest, sweetest, and most thankful  people we know. God has truly blessed US to be a part of his life.

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Name – Maria Del Rosario                         Number of children – 1

Maria Del Rosario is currently FULLY SPONSORED, PRAISE GOD!

Let us introduce you to Maria Del Rosario and her 14 year old son David Edwardo.

They both live in this very small room made out of plywood. We met them originally at our Hot Dogs and prayer event. Maria asked us if we could help them with her son’s glasses.

It was very emotional to see this young man who tries so hard in school and gets great grades, feel badly about himself because of his situation. He can barely see because of the cracked glass and old prescription glasses.

We feel they are excellent candidates for the Sponsorship program since the mom works 7 days a week and makes almost $300 a month.

Thanks to some very special people David has brand new glasses and his self esteem is so much stronger.

Name – Jose Luise Diaz                Number of children – 3

This family is currently FULLY SPONSORED, PRAISE GOD!

This is Donna and Yuki, Donna is 13 years old, and Yuki is 8. They have a brother who was at school, his name is Jose Luis Jr and he is 12. They live in this wood pallet shack with their father who is never home because he has to work all day to provide. They don’t have a mom in their lives. Their oldest sister Guadalupe doesn’t live with them, but comes over to try and take care of them when she can. They have been blessed with new beds to sleep on, a tinaco to provide fresh water, a used refrigerator, and a concrete slab to do laundry on. Jose makes between $50 and $75 a week. We were looking for sponsors who can help provide an additional $100 a month. This will provide them with enough food to feed their whole family.

We are also having a fundraising campaign to build a secure block house for this family. Our entire need is $5,000 for a two bedroom home. We currently have $3,850 and are moving forward with purchasing supplies to start building before hurricane season comes. PRAISE GOD THEIR HOUSE IS FULLY BUILT!

Donna and Yuki i

Name – Vicky                Number of children – 1

Vicky has a 13 year old son, his name is Saul. They have been FULLY SPONSORED, PRAISE GOD!

Name – Manuel                Number of children – 5

Manuel and his family have a very hard life. The mother has left the family, so Manuel has been trying his best to care for the 5 children as best as he can. With the help of Tony Baja and some hard working people, a bathroom, and a new room has been built, and a cement roof. They finally have a secure home to live in with a usable bathroom!

Manuel has a background in dentistry, making dentures and bridges from our understanding, but has been unable to secure a job in his field. Instead he is taking whatever work he can, and has been doing physical labor to try and make ends meet. He makes 2000 pesos a week when he is working full time, but most weeks he only works half days and make around 1000 pesos a week, or $50.

Can you help with a sponsorship of $50-100 a month?

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Name – Josephina                     Number of children – 3

This is Josephina, She has three children. Sandra(age 16),  Gladys(age 13), and Lucero(age 10).

Josephina has been a part of our families for quite some time now, and because we have sowed into her life so much, she is now starting to sow into her neighbors lives, and helps Cabo Missions for Christ on a regular basis when we have larger outreaches.

She currently cleans a few houses, and earns around $30-35 a week. The family has a hard time maintaining the payment of their light bill, and keeping food on the table.


Name – Fausta and Juan                   Number of children – 2 Adult Children

This family is currently FULLY SPONSORED, PRAISE GOD!

Fausta and Juan have been part of the sponsorship program for awhile now. Their sponsor has been a huge part of their lives when they come to visit Cabo.

Fausta and Juan have 2 grown adult children who are working hard on their education.

Fausta loves to cook meals for our mission teams, and has a very grateful heart.


Name – Perla                  Number of children – 2

Perla and her sons Richard who is 1 year old, and Angel who is 5 years old have been FULLY SPONSORED, PRAISE GOD.

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Your support is needed to help us continue to support the needs of Los Cabo.  100% of all monies received will go directly to further God’s work in Los Cabo.  We thank you for the trust you have placed in us and pledge to use your money to glorify God and build His Kingdom.

Donations of any size are appreciated.

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