Gaby and her son Brian


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We would like to introduce you to Gaby and her son Brian. God brought us to them through Abuelo, when Abuelo was without electricity for a few months, Gaby was the one who stepped up and allowed Abuelo to jump onto her electric. She has consistantly helped others while barely making it herself. It has really touched our hearts to see the way she sacrifices for others. It has taken us quite awhile to be able to evaluate this awesome Mother and son.

While there Jacqueline was able to share her testimony of growing up impoverished and how God brought her out if and gave her victory. You could see the light in their eyes, it was confirmation to them that making those daily sacrifices to keep Brian in school was the right thing to do. They know that everything happens in God's timing, and I think yesterday Jacqueline's testimony was exactly what they needed to hear.

Gaby and her son have lived in this shack built entirely from wood for the last 5 years, their roof really isn't even a roof. They have tarps hanging from the inside of their roof in order to protect the few possesions they have from the rains.

Their humble stove barely works, one burner is all they are able to use. They keep their water outside in a big tub instead of the normal tinaco.

Gaby is a teacher, and works hard everyday to make sure that her first graders receive a great education. Gaby's son Brian is 20 years old and is in university studying environmental science. They make only $400 a month, and a lot of that goes to paying for Brian's education because they know how important it is.

Even through all this they have kept their eyes turned toward God, as they know that HE is always with them, and will provide for them.

Can you help them? They could really benefit from a monthly sponsorship of $100. Would you be willing to commit to a one year sponsorship for them?

Sme of the items they really could use are a new stove, a better roof, or even new wood to replace their current house.

ANYTHING helps. Please consider donating towards helping them.

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