Abuelo - Cornelio Angel Castro


Abuelo is currently FULLY SPONSORED, PRAISE GOD!

We would like you to meet Abuelo, he Is 88 years old. You may remember his face from back in September. We were introduced to him through Cielo, and when we met him he was living underneath a tree on his property and had lost everything to tropical storm Lidia.

Abuelo is a super hard working man, he has completely rebuilt his little wood home with a tin roof, poured a cement floor, and even built his own bathroom and septic tank! He works with his grand-daughter sometimes, but really doesn't have an income and relies on friends and family to take care of him.

Abuelo is one of the happiest, sweetest, and most thankful  people we know. God has truly blessed US to be a part of his life.

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