Carina and her 3 daughters



Carina and her 3 daughters are currently FULLY SPONSORED, PRAISE GOD!

We would like to introduce you to Carina and her three daughters, Selena who is 4 years old, Guadalupe who is 7, and Maria who is 9. Carina is a young single mom who is 26 years old. The father of the children is nowhere to be found. Pastor Paty from Comedor Alfa y Omega brought us to them. They were living in basically a card board box, all three girls had lice, and the entire family is malnourished. Pastor Paty was able to get them in to see a doctor for all the different things going on with them, and she has told us that the doctor said all of them need to gain some weight and eat lots more protein.

Carina works at Bodega Aurrera where she makes minimum wage(just over $6 a day), where we take all our families sponsorship shopping, she is doing her best to provide, but as we know, isn't able to make enough for housing, food, clothing, etc.

Currently the whole family is living with Pastor Moisés And Pastor Betty of Rios de Agua via church who we have been working with for about 2 months now.

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