Esmeralda and her family



Esmeralda and her husband have 3 children, 13 year old Edith, 3 year old Jesus Albador, and a 10 month old baby. They live in a wood house that we have helped them build in the middle of a riverbed. They lost everything in Tropical storm lidia in September of 2017. Magdaleno, Esmeralda's husband, works as a carpenter and makes around $50 a week. With three children, one still in diapers, this is just not sufficient enough.

After some time on our sponsorship program, Esmeralda and her children decided it was time to move back in with her parents in the hometown she is from. Through her sponsorship she was able to obtain plane tickets for all, and luggage to help her get all their clothing back to their home town. We are so thankful to have been a part of Esmeralda's life, and Esmeralda knows that she can always contact us for anything.

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