Jose Luis and his Family


Donna and Yuki i

This family has been through our sponsorship program, and after a year of sowing into them, we are blessed to be able to say that they have GRADUATED, PRAISE GOD! This means that after a full year and a new assessment we have learned that they have listened to advice, and stabilized their life by obtaining full time work, and found ways to create a steady flow of income. God also provided the funds for us to build them a brand new safe and secure block house for them.

The following is more information on them:

This is Donna and Yuki, Donna is 13 years old, and Yuki is 8. They have a brother who was at school, his name is Jose Luis Jr and he is 12. They live in this wood pallet shack with their father who is never home because he has to work all day to provide. They don't have a mom in their lives. Their oldest sister Guadalupe doesn't live with them, but comes over to try and take care of them when she can. They have been blessed with new beds to sleep on, a tinaco to provide fresh water, a used refrigerator, and a concrete slab to do laundry on. Jose Luis makes between $150 and $175 a week now that he has secured a good job.

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