Josephina and her family



This is Josephina, She has three children. Sandra(age 16),  Gladys(age 13), and Lucero(age 10).

Josephina has been a part of our families for quite some time now, and because we have sowed into her life so much, she is now starting to sow into her neighbors lives, and helps Cabo Missions for Christ on a regular basis when we have larger outreaches.

Josephina and her family were on the sponsorship program for almost 2 years, and during that time the sponsorship helped her and her family through some very tough times. Josephina has been working hard, and has started her own Mary Kay business, along with obtaining some weekly cleaning jobs. She also has many new neighbors around her that help lower their bills. Because of this, Josephina and her family have GRADUATED from the sponsorship program.

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