Karla and her family

We would like to introduce you now to Karla, her 4 year old son Jesus, and her 9 month old daughter Kamelia. Karla's husband, Gilberto, is a security guard and works for a local resort here, he makes roughly $375 every month.

We were introduced to them through a good friend of their who reached out to us because she knows their situation and knows how badly they could use some help.

Their whole family has been struggling with medical issues for awhile now, Karla has had anemia since Jesus was born, and now she is also struggling with depression. Jesus also has anemia. Her daughter Kamelia also has had issues since birth that require them taking her to the hospital. The fact that they are malnourished has a lot to do with all these medical issues. When we spoke with Gilberto on the phone prior to meeting his wife and children, he expressed how concerned he was for his wife, because he is seeing her get worse and worse. She is starting to sleep all day, and not be able to take care of the children. He can't do anything to help besides go to work.

When talking with Karla she expressed a desire to find a local church. Her and her husband are trying their hardest, but could definitely use your help.

After assessing their living situation, we clearly see that they could benefit greatly from a monthly sponsorship.

They currently don't have a refrigerator and are living on non-perishables only. Their son sleeps on a ottoman, and the rest of the family sleep on a mattress on the floor.

Can you help them with a sponsorship of $100 a month? This will go towards ensuring they have sufficient food on their table.

Can you help us purchase a refrigerator for them?

Any amount helps and will go directly towards this family.

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