Brian, Jacqueline, Grace, and Ella Ruple

The Hands and Feet on the Ground


Hola! We are Los Ruples, Brian, Jacqueline, and our two daughters Grace and Ella. We have been following God's calling on our lives and have been living in Cabo San Lucas Mexico as full-time missionaries for over 2 years now.

During these past 2 years we have gone through a lot of growth, a lot of change, and a lot of learning.

What started out as a couple who felt God's calling to leave everything we knew behind to serve God, and because we followed His will for our lives, it has turned into what you see here on this webpage.

God has given us the ability to have served 20 families with our monthly sponsorship program, He has given us the ability to build 6 new homes for families in which  provides secure shelter during storms, and God has also given us the ability to build a Comedor(feeding center) which serves meals to around 40 children who would otherwise go without a meal.

In the video on this very page you can learn more about what God has done in our lives, and things He has brought us through so that we can better serve the people God brings into our lives on a daily basis.

100% of the funds given to Cabo Missions for Christ goes to the families and programs you select when you donate.  We do not use any of these funds for administrative cost or to cover our daily living and expenses.

We live on a very tight budget in a town that is pretty expensive. Our monthly expenses are $2,400 a month, which covers our daily needs.  But it doesn't account for unexpected items such as healthcare, school books and enrollment fees, traveling to and from the United States to allow us to stay in Mexico legally, yearly car insurance, and other unexpected expenditures.

Our typical month supporting this great mission is:

  • 700 Average miles driven to visit and support our families
  • 30 hours shopping with our families
  • 25 hours organizing outreach events
  • 40 hours fund raising
  • 40 hours communicating with families about their needs and sharing God's love with them
  • 30 hours investigating families we come in contact with who ask for assistance

We ask for and need your daily prayers to be able to continue to follow this path God has laid out before us. We ONLY survive  through the generous donations and our monthly supporters.

If you feel called to support our family, please follow the "Donate To Los Ruple's" button on this page or click the "Donate Now" button and select the "general family support" to donate. These funds are the ONLY funds designated to support us, the hands and feet on the ground.

We are so thankful to God for using us, and for bringing us here to serve and love on the people of Cabo San Lucas, and we are so thankful for our supporters who help make sure that what God has started can continue.

God bless you all for the prayers and support!

In Christ,

Brian, Jacqueline, Grace, and Ella Ruple

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Your support is needed to help us continue to support the needs of Los Cabo.  100% of all monies received will go directly to further God's work in Los Cabo.  We thank you for the trust you have placed in us and pledge to use your money to glorify God and build His Kingdom.

Donations of any size are appreciated.