Manuel and his family


Manuel and his family have a very hard life. The mother has left the family, so Manuel has been trying his best to care for the 5 children as best as he can. With the help of Tony Baja and some hard working people, a bathroom, and a new room has been built, and a cement roof. They finally have a secure home to live in with a usable bathroom!

Manuel has a background in dentistry, making dentures and bridges from our understanding, but has been unable to secure a job in his field. Instead he is taking whatever work he can, and has been doing physical labor to try and make ends meet. He makes 2000 pesos a week when he is working full time, but most weeks he only works half days and make around 1000 pesos a week, or $50.

After being fully sponsored for about 6 months, Manuel was able to go back to his home town and sell a piece of land her had. This gave him enough funds to purchase a small vehicle, and a pay off a plot of land and build a small wood house on. He is currently renting out this wood house and because of that, he has obtained a steady income and has GRADUATED from the sponsorship program!

God is so good!

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