Nanci and her family



God put another family in our lives, Casandra reached out to us through facebook because she saw all that God is doing here in Cabo, and really felt that her sister-in-law could really use some help and to feel God's love shed on her.

We were blessed with the opportunity to meet Nanci and her family. Nanci just had a new baby boy on Friday November 15th, the baby doesn't yet have a name, but is a beautiful bundle of joy and sleeps well. Nanci's husband Juan Pablo is a construction workers helper(mixes cement or moves blocks around for the builder). They have a 7 year old son, his name is Joshua, and they have a 1 year old daughter, her name is Stephanie. Jaun Pablo makes around $75 a week, and most of that goes towards the renting of their room.

We know that God brought us to this family for so much more than just helping in a physical way, when given the opportunity to start sharing with them about Jesus' love, and how we have faith that God is going to be there to help them through everything they are dealing with right now, Nanci got very emotional. You can tell that when Jacqueline was able to start relating to the emotional stresses of being a mother, wife, and taking care of herself after surgery, Nanci started tearing up. Jacqueline shared with her how Jesus is always going to be there for her, and will help bring them out of the hard time they are going through.

They currently have a small refrigerator that doesn't function very well, they are cooking over wood fires because they don't have a gas tank for their stove, and both of the beds that they sleep on are paper thin, and have gotten wet a few times you can tell.

We know there is a special family out there who would love to adopt Nanci and her family as their own, and commit to sponsoring them each month. Is that you? Is God tugging at your heart to sponsor this family? $100 a month, $3.33 a day will make such a huge difference in their lives! If you would like to sponsor this family, let us know!

Maybe you can't commit to sponsorship for an entire year, but you want to help. A new Gas tank filled costs around $125. That will make a huge difference in their lives also.

A direct link to donate towards this family is as follows, and as always 100% of the funds donated go directly to the family that is sponsored:

May God bless you as we work together to bring Heaven to earth!

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Your support is needed to help us continue to support the needs of Los Cabo.  100% of all monies received will go directly to further God's work in Los Cabo.  We thank you for the trust you have placed in us and pledge to use your money to glorify God and build His Kingdom.

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