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We have followed God's calling to become full time missionaries to the hearts and souls of Cabo San Lucas and San Jose Del Cabo Mexico.  With your support we are changing lives one family at a time.

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Cabo Missions For Christ
Cabo Missions For Christ
Keep us all in your prayers this weekend as we prepare for this really late in the season storm. Right now it's predicting to hit Sunday afternoon as a tropical storm with winds steady at 50mph and gusts up to 75mph. This one is holding a lot of water though, which as you all know is almost worse than stronger winds for Cabo. Predicting to dump LOTS of rain.

We will keep you all updated as things progress.
Cabo Missions For Christ
Cabo Missions For Christ
Praise God for all the blessings Santa and her family have been starting to receive. Today the deposit was made for fixing their motorcycle so that Alejandro is able to get back and forth to work a lot easier. God has blessed him with a job at the construction site for Costco's new Gas station they are building. This is about a 20 mile drive for him, taking a bus it takes between an hour and an hour and a half, with the motorcycle it will take 25-30 minutes.

After paying the deposit for the repairs, we took him home and got a chance to talk to them about a possible bathroom for them. He suggested it would cost between $200-300 in materials to finish their septic tank, and build a small wood bathroom. They don't want to build a block bathroom just yet because then it wouldn't leave them with enough room to build their house once they have funds to start that. We are praying God now provided enough for a bathroom for them. We might have some funds left from the motorcycle repair to out towards the bathroom, we have to wait and see once it is fixed and we have the final bill.

Either way we know God is sowing into this family, and isn't going to stop. The faith that is growing in them is awesome! Keep this family in your prayers, it isn't an easy life that they live...

Thank you Karen Rigo And Kelly Loughrie Szala for the funds to repair Santa's motorcycle!!! God always provides!
Cabo Missions For Christ
Cabo Missions For Christ
It is such a blessing to us to see the gratitude that our sponsor families express when they learn that someone has taken the time to learn a out that, and then wants to sponsor them.

Gaby and her son Brian have been so thankful to learn about their monthly sponsorship, and have been blessed by being able to get their first month of groceries.

While talking to them, they expressed the desire to use some of the funds to help pay for Brian's University fees, of course we told them they can use whatever change there was for that. This conversation makes it apparent to us that we need to keep trying to see if there is some way we can help more with his schooling. Obviously they are taking it very seriously, and to be able to lessen the load on their shoulders would be a huge blessing. We will be in prayer about how God can continue to help this Mother and son team.

God bless you all for everything you do not only for us, but for all the families God puts in our path.

Cabo Missions For Christ
Cabo Missions For Christ
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