Pastor Thomas and his wife Milka


We would like to introduce you to Pastor Thomas. Pastor Thomas has a small church called Centro Cristiano Adulam(Christian Center of Adulam) in San Jose which is about 30 minutes north of Cabo san Lucas. His congregation isn't very large, it is about 20 members or less. Pastor Thomas and his wife Milka live on a large plot of land where they grow all sorts of plants. He has an assortment of fruit trees, and many other types of plants. He shared with us many different scripture verses and how he is following his calling to make disciples. He told us that his plan for the land is to eventually bring older senior citzens there who don't have family to take care of them. He also shares his weekly sermon with over 40 other churches throughout Mexico.

They are currently surviving on $26 a week, or a little over $100 a month! He shared with us that sometimes they don't eat very much, but that's ok because God always provides for them. He is extrememly humble, and thankful for anything that is provided.

We would love to see this awesome Pastor and Wife team be able to know that they have someone that Loves them and wants to sow into them. A Sponsor has come forward and now Pastor Thomas is FULLY SPONSORED! Praise God!

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