Rosario and her family


We would like to introduce you to Rosario and her family. God blessed us with time getting to know them yesterday, and wow are they a great BIG family!
Gaby, the manager from Bodega Aurrera, where we take all of our sponsorship families shopping each month told us about her a few weeks ago, and after a few weeks of trying to get ahold of her, it finally happened! All in God's timing! One of the reasons it took so long to meet them is because Rosario's phone sometimes works and most of the time doesn't. She was so thankful to receive a new used phone thanks to a donation from Eric Ruple and Wanda Ruple. She didn't know how to react when we gave her the new phone, she has been dealing with the old phone for so long!
Rosario is 18 years old, and she works hard to take care of her 6 younger siblings. David is 6 years old, Leslie is also 6 years old, Guadalupe is 8 years old, Saul and Josue are twins and are 11 years old, and Jose Julian is 15. All of the kids attend school which is awesome because thanks to John Kempenar and Ann Duncan Kempenar we had brand new backpacks and school supplies to give to them.
All of the children sleep in one room on two smaller beds. There is a third bed outside under some tin roofing without walls that her Dad sleeps on.
Rosario's dad, Domingo, tries his best to maintain a job, but as an construction worker we are all too familiar with how sometimes there is a lot of work, but most of the time it is small jobs that don't last too long. Rosario's mom isn't in the picture anymore, which we see very often here in Mexico, so Rosario is now the woman of the house who is supposed to take care of everything.
When we first started talking to Rosario you could tell she was beat down, and really felt like there might not have been much of a future or chance to survive, but by the time we left, after sharing the Love of God with her and her family, she was in much better spirits with a huge smile on her face, and knowing that God is going to take care of her.
This family is available immediately for sponsorship! With a total of 11 people in this household, we feel a sponsorship of $100 a month would be perfect and help this family greatly!
Can you sponsor this family? Can you save $3.33 a day in order to provide much needed meals to this family?
If you feel God calling you to sponsor them, please reach out to us and let us know. We will talk to you about sponsorship, and see if this family fits for you!
God bless you for considering to sponsor this family.

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