Santa and her Husband Alejandro and 2 children


We would like to introduce you to Santa, her husband Alejandro, and her two sons Angel Gabriel who is 1 year old and Aldahir Alejandro who is 3 years old. They have been living in this wood shack for a litte over a year now. Currently they are FULLY SPONSORED!!

Alejandro was working as a construction workers helper, but about a month ago lost his job and hasn't been able to secure stable employment since. They are living day to day on whatever they are able to come up with. When he was working he was making around $180 every two weeks.

Their "house" is a very humble shack, they recently were able to get electricity, they still don't have a real restroom. The baby walks around without a diaper because they currently can't afford them. Their refrigerator was basically empty. They were eating a few potatoes for lunch when we stopped by.

I think God put this family in our lives so that His love, and Grace can be sown into them. Perhaps after you watch the video you feel a tugging on your heart to help them? Can you Sponsor them for $100 a month?

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