Do you every wonder where all the those great bartenders, waiters, and workers that make your vacation so great live?  I think it will really surprise you, I know it did us and everyone we have taken out to the Barrios.  The Barrios are gritty neighborhoods carved out of desert scrubland that stretches north from the narrow coastal strip where your hotels, golf courses, nightclubs and marinas are concentrated.

In many of these neighborhoods, the best homes are simple one- or two-room cinder-block structures with corrugated metal roofs. The worst, often in illegal settlements called “invasions,” are assembled from scrap building materials and tarps, tree branches, sticks and even cardboard. By the municipality’s estimates, about 25,000 people live in such settlements.

Overcrowding is common, and public services are spotty or nonexistent.  Most of the neighborhoods have no sewer systems, and many homes are not hooked up to the municipal water supply. Even those that are connected often find their pipes empty: Demand has far outpaced supply, forcing the rationing of municipal water delivery and compelling residents to buy water at inflated prices from tanker trucks that ply the unpaved roads.

In Cabo, there is both a first world and a fifth world.  Imagine spending your day working in a beautiful resort and coming home to tarp and cardboard home.  Those are some of lucky ones, others because of age, transportation or health are unable to work.

Our Sponsorship Program is a way to help these families. As they try to maintain or rebuild their lives, your sponsorship will provide a family with the groceries and their necessities each month.

Sponsoring a family is a personal way to show God’s love to a family in need.  For just $25 a month per family member, you'll help change that families life.

The family you sponsor will be able to shop at a local grocery store near where they are living. In some cases it may be a small, ethnic grocery store, based on the family’s preference.  Your sponsorship truly changes the lives of the family you support.

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Ready to help support a family?

Below are a few of the families our sponsors have been able to help over the last year.  For more touching stories, Visit our Facebook page.

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