Arely and her Husband Daniel and 5 children


Arely anai Nava Is 31 years old, the mother of 5 children, and FULLY SPONSORED, her and her boyfriend rent this house you will see in the video. They only make 3000 pesos a week($150). They have to pay 7000 pesos a month to live in the house including utilities. That leaves them with $250 a month to feed their entire family.

Her boyfriend Daniel Hernández is 42 years old and is a construction worker. Emanuel is 13 years old, Gael is 12 years old, Aaron is 10 years old, Itzel is 8 years old, and Mauricio is 5 years old.

We are adding this family to our Sponsorship program as available immediately. They are having a hard time keeping up with the cost of feeding their entire family.


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